Thomas James Hall


Thinking, reading, collecting, designing, making and playing around

Who am I?

I'm a software engineero working at Kythera Space Solutions working on the SATCOM industry's first near-realtime, dynamic, autonomous management system for next-generation, heterogenous, multi-orbit networks. I love to solve problems, especially ones that haven't been solved before. Whether it’s finding the most elegant way to write a function or figuring out how to arrange a print, I love the challenge of finding a way and discovering solutions. As long as there’s a problem to solve or a challenge to puzzle over, it’s bound to be something I love!

What do I do?

Outside of my studies I spend my time working with 3D printing, my student group RIT Space Exploration working on the rovers team, and other personal projects like SwimAid.

My work


Let a team of students in the design and construction of a mock rover. This was new for me as there were a lot of unknowns that need to be answered before starting this project. It employed a multidisciplinary team for construction and development over two semesters.

High Altitude Balloon

A high altitude balloon, or HAB, is a very large latex balloon that depending on the size of the balloon and how much helium will take a small payload to around 100,000 feet or 30,000 meters in the atmosphere. The payload I helped integrate (WUAP) uses on-board image processing with a Raspberry Pi 3, Python 3 and OpenCV 3.3 to mask RGB images of the Earth and attempts to mask areas of high vegetation using colorspace transformations.

Swim Aid

This project aims to develop a device for visually impaired swimmers which can track the 3D distance traveled and alert the swimmer when they approach the edge of the pool. The device uses an Arduino nano, buzzer, and well as a LSM6DSM1 IMU. THe device polls for accelerometer data and employs a 4th order Runge Kutta method to approximate the slope (distance).

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